Investors & Advisors

JRO Innovations LLC does not have any investors at this time, as we hope to change that in the future. However, the company works with some incredible advisors. They are listed below:

  • Daymond John Academy (
  • Game Changer Meetings
  • Bill O’Hollaren – Owner, Real Estate Investments Company at EagleStar Properties
  • Andrew Pour – Social Media Expert
  • Lorna Hill – Branding Expert, Owner, Hill House International LLC (
  • Bill Gebhard – Web Design at St. Austine (
  • George Fuchs – Advisor, Daymond John Academy
  • Eric Brown – Advisor, Daymond John Academy
  • Mike Huska – Advisor, Daymond John Academy
  • Mark M. Fincke – Business Development, Direct Mall Express, Marketing Expert